If your children play soccer, as millions of other kids do nationwide, then you need the latest tips on keeping them safe on the field. Mouth guards, for example, can reduce the risk of orofacial and dental injuries.

If your kids are soccer players, you are probably looking for ways to keep them safe while in the game. One thing that can help is the use of mouth guards. They can reduce the risk of dental and orofacial injuries while kids are on the field.

According to federal government statistics, emergency rooms treat about 80,000 soccer-related injuries in children ages 5-24. The American Journal of Sports Medicine used national emergency room reports to track soccer injuries among children aged 2-18 years. They found that there were nearly 1.6 million soccer-related injuries among those kids within a 13-year period. Girls more commonly received knee injuries, fractures, and sprained ankles while the boys were more likely to get head, face and neck injuries.